Protect your home with Homeowners Insurance.

This insurance helps protect your house, your personal property, and your liability, so you can focus on what's important: making your house a home! Homeowners insurance offers protection for damages to your home or personal property by covered causes of loss, as well as liability protection, like if someone were to be injured on your property.

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What's covered by homeowners insurance?

A basic policy will cover damage to your home caused by

  • Vandalism

  • Fire

  • Lightning

  • Hurricane

  • Theft

  • Other named losses

A Homeowners policy will also cover

  • Liability up to a certain limit, should anyone injure themselves on your property.
  • If someone that is injured decides to sue the insured, the policy would cover those costs as well (up to a certain limit).
  • Any loss or damage to personal property due to theft or other specifically covered events.
  • Certain expensive items such as jewelry, antiques, or furs, may need additional coverage.
Understanding Your Needs

Your house needs to be insured for its value and annually reviewing your coverage to ensure that it's sufficient is an important task. From basic to broad coverage, our professionals can help you determine the best policy for your needs, including exposures you may not have recognized.

You can combine your auto and Homeowners Insurance, and enjoy the convenience of having all of your policies with one company who understands your insurance needs. Some companies offer up to a 20% discount when you combine your auto and Homeowners Insurance.

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